Out of the mouths of babes

Often by the time the husband gets home I just want another adult to talk to. Preferably one with some rational thoughts. My conversation all day is continuous but, well, these are a few gems from the last couple of weeks…

It’s raining, it’s pouring

E: mummy did we go out in the rain?

Me: yes we did

E: we should use umbrellas

Me: umbrellas are quite tricky to use with a pushchair. Or toddlers for that matter

D: but E isn’t a toddler she’s a junior (thanks germ factory for your room labels…)

And I cease the conversation because I’m not going to present either of them with a weapon, cough, umbrella.

Garden instructions for dogs

On returning in to the house from helping Grandad feed the dogs their tea, Fuddle’s Keeper stood by the back door and issued the following proclamation, before simply walking into the living room and continuing play:

“Dogs have to wiggle their arms and waggle their tails, and I will wave my stick”

On trying new foods

The eldest is, er, rather difficult when it comes to food. Ironically he loves cooking. Not just baking cakes or biscuits, proper cooking. We made a lasagne the other week! Recently we’ve finally managed to get bread on the menu (well it’s always been on the menu he just hasn’t partaken…) by making our own bread rolls.

We thought we could try and extend from the jam spread on bread rolls and made our own burgers.

His response:

“I want to make my burger with bread rolls”

A deliberate misunderstanding?

Now the littlest is taking an interest in getting about we’ve got the walker back out. It’s a wooden push along tray of building bricks.

We talked about how the littlest got first dibs on playing with it.

The eldest decided it was a trolley to go and do the shopping with. Otherwise known as emptying the toy kitchen from next to the washing machine to the living room floor.

Fuddle’s Keeper took exception to this:

“No that’s not a trolley, that’s a walker for R. Fuddle needs it.”

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