Sewing, writing and finding new worlds

The last few days have been pretty hectic.  There seem to have been an endless stream of letters from the primary germ factory, often requesting exact money for whatever the next thing is.  There’s been a super excited Fuddle’s Keeper, because although the trip for the early years classes is a day she doesn’t go, the trip is still open to her.  The parts for the nativity have also been decided and parents sent that no doubt dreaded letter about costumes.  I’m fluent on a sewing machine and quite looking forward to the challenge, just not entirely sure when I’m going to fit it in!  So far I’ve got the fabric out and am grateful I got the sewing machine serviced a few weeks ago for entirely different reasons, something that was long overdue.

At the back of my mind is how is this all going to go. The trip involves people dressed up around the eldest (always an “experience”) and a visit to a man who he’s literally not been near (his choice) since he was three months old.  I have told the primary germ factory this.  The nativity involves him dressing up, standing on a stage and speaking in front of people.  The last time he was involved in a nativity (or even something on the stage full stop) he was four months old (and had a super special once in a lifetime role!).  When Church had those starting school up on the stage earlier this year he perched on the edge, sat next to me.  Not really visible.  But an indescribably massive step for him.  Will it be melt downs for days on end leading up to it?  Will he break new ground and leave me in tears?

The other project I’ve got on the go is coming together.  It’s blowing my mind a bit really that it’s elementary basis is in essence my frustration at trying to find a set of Christmas flashcards that included some Christian components.  An advent without chocolate! was it’s evolution over the first few years really and this is something else again.

But the husband and I have also been talking with a charity for gifted and talented children.  It’s been interesting.  Through that I’ve joined a forum where the small people are normal.  In such a short time it’s already made a big difference to me mentally.  I can talk about what they can do and the challenges of the day and there really are other people out there with the same stories.  I’ve also found a whole world where my small people are just the tip of the iceberg.  They’re exceptionally bright, but nothing compared to some!  And this relieves me.  I don’t need them to be top, just to be allowed to learn at their level.  There’s a blog here that explains it way better than me: https://www.laughingatchaos.com/b-is-for-bragging/ (read the code words one it links too as well).

My reality this week has included cooking tea whilst doing arithmetic with a three year old and answering rapid fire questions from a five year old requesting quite specific details about the magi that visited Jesus.  Almost every answer was “we don’t know”.  Bedtime reading has involved words like atrocious and grammar dissection.  Only a few weeks ago I had one of those conversations where the other person just didn’t get it.  The difference between pushing a child and going they’re learning to read by teaching themselves so I should deal with this.  I struggle with those conversations with people who are friends or people who I expect to actually get it.  I don’t even start the conversation with most.  I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that exceptionally bright children can be quite isolating in a way.

So I am exhausted (no surprise there) and ready for a new half term of chaos running up to Christmas…

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